Please support the Terra Act Association


We represent the Terra Act Association from Northern Romania, which edits the Beloved Earth magazine and supports Waldorf school initiatives. We believe children should grow up in a natural, healthy, and less technological environment. As this is not possible in modern day cities, we would like to organize summer camps for pupils.

For this purpose, we would like to raise an amount of money, which would help us to acquire a suitable place for camps in a rural area. There, between woods and springs, children can have a suitable experience for their development.

The intended situation is to organize summer camps for 10 to 15 children at a time. They will be accommodated in a natural house, with no WiFi or any type of Internet connection. We have chosen a spot which suits our needs for harmony and that offers opportunity to explore, and is rather affordable.

To this day, we have managed to raise 4,500 from 16,500 Euro, so we still need 12,000 Euro to fulfil our ideal. We are a young team and our purpose is to develop our association in order to help families with their children. We believe that by organizing this type of natural camps, pupils are going to be more balanced and creative.

We live in a country where a house like this, in a remote area, is still affordable. But as prices tend to go up, this will not be the case for a very long time. Please find some pictures bellow and should you be willing to spend a smaller or bigger amount to help us, we would be very thankful.