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“I was painted in the womb of my mother”

The mother of Monk Arsenie

Father Arsenie used to tell us: When I was a child, in the house of my mother, there was an icon of the Mother of God that I liked very much. One time, I asked my mother:

  • Why do I like that icon so much?

And she told me:

  • Well, my dear, while I bared you in my womb, very many times I looked and prayed at this icon.

Another time he told us: My mother, when she got pr...

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Biography of Arsenie Boca

Arsenie Boca was a Romanian Christian-Orthodox monk, priest and painter. He was born as Zian Boca on September 29, 1910. The child Zian was living his first years on Bujoara Hill in Vața de Sus, somewhere in the region of the Apuseni Mountains. His father, Iosif, was a shoemaker who left to work in America during his wife’s pregnancy...

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