The Lunar Node of April 2020

Trying to grasp the happenings of the previous weeks, I was asking myself when was the last time when the whole world was in such a state of panic. When did the population of the Earth think about a single global problem with such formidable fear? When was the last time when part of humanity was feeling attacked by an invisible enemy? Gradually, the memory of the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001, came to my mind. Let us remember how airplanes were hitting the Pentagon and the Twin Towers of New York City, bringing them down. The whole world was at that time witnessing this unimaginable attack against the most prominent part of the United States.

Now Rudolf Steiner has warned us about the incarnation of Ahriman at the beginning of the 3rd millennium. We should not forget, therefore, that immense powers will be directed to this purpose. In one of the lectures where he referred to this event,[1] Steiner spoke of the means employed by Ahriman to deceive humanity. The first is keeping humanity in illusions based on scientific results. Materialistic science was able to produce not only representations of a mechanical world functioning with no divine intervention, but also countless devices that imitate reality. In this respect, the last decade was extremely productive, seeing the rapid spread of smartphones and wireless networks, which have encompassed the whole world, keeping people more and more in “virtual reality”.

The second means that Steiner mentioned is stirring up emotions and splitting men into groups that hate each other. And let us think how many terrorist attacks, across the globe, have brought nothing but hatred to humanity since 2001. On the one side the Western world trying to fight Islamic fundamentalism, on the other side the Middle East invaded by foreign powers in the name of democracy. Both sides live in fear, although the approach was quite different. Some Western states introduced state control and supervision of all citizens, as it is the case in the United States with the NSA. In the other part of the world, we witnessed the rise of the Islamic State, which has been much more barbaric than previous authoritarian regimes were. And all these events had at their root the series of attacks which began on September 11th. We can therefore assume that the incarnation of Ahriman in the Western hemisphere has definitely something to do with the terrorist attacks.

And where are we today? We are precisely at the first lunar node since 9/11. Indeed, taking into account the 18 years and 7 months of the lunar cycle (until the Moon is in exactly the same place in relation to the Earth), the events of September 11, 2001 will find their counterpart during April, 2020!

With this in mind, we could ask ourselves: What would have happened, had the current CoVid-19 pandemic not taken place, as well as the response of state authorities through the restriction of liberties around the world? Instead of being isolated in their homes, many people would have gathered in churches, religious or spiritual groups, to celebrate Easter. The Resurrection of Christ brings communion between people, even when they have different views about the world.

As a result of the restrictive measures imposed almost everywhere, people find it difficult or impossible to gather together in larger groups, in the name of Christ. It is the first time since the beginnings of Christianity when churches all around the world are not able to conduct open religious services for Easter, when they are most needed! The same applies to anthroposophical groups, which are not able to meet at Easter time as a result of such restrictions.

Of course, not all states have suspended religious gatherings, and small group meetings may still function. Nevertheless, this is a visible attack against the spiritual-cultural sphere of the social organism! Schools were the first to be closed almost everywhere. Children who ought to benefit from the warmth and the light of the sun at this time of year (which brings health to their rhythmic system) are being kept in their homes, in many places in city apartments.

This lack of spiritual activity, the isolation of people, the idea that every other human being is a potential threat to one’s own health, are the most un-Christian events of our times! We must keep our eyes opened, since Ahriman’s purpose is that everyone will be connected through technology, and not any more by direct encounters.

Let us also remember that Ahriman bases his action on the forces of electricity and magnetism (of dual nature: positive-negative) which are directly influenced by the constellation of Gemini.[2] Hence, the symbol of the Twin Towers of New York, the target of the hijacked airplanes. Interesting enough, New York has nowadays the most cases of CoVid-19 in the US. Taking into account the perspective based on the lunar node, it is not hard see a connection. Note that the Moon was also in Gemini at the time of the terrorist attacks.

Now, is there a connection between the pandemic and electromagnetic radiation, as a result of the recent implementation of 5G technology, as Dr. Thomas Cowen boldly stated? Wireless networks function through microwaves, which as a side-effect heats up tissues and damages cells (similar but far less strong than in a microwave oven), a process that might form a favourable environment for the spreading of infections. However, I will not try to support here Dr. Cowen’s hypothesis. It seems to me more likely that this epidemic, as well as others which previously originated in China, have something to do with the atmosphere of a fear-driven society where materialistic science is well established.

Rudolf Steiner repeatedly sustained that viruses and bacteria are not the cause of illnesses, but mere indicators for their presence. Instead, materialistic thoughts which people bring to their sleep, as well as egoistic fears, help cultivate the bacilli.[3] And Steiner also indicated here that these parasite entities are the signs of the presence of Ahriman in the world.

Thus we can come to the conclusion that the spreading of such parasite entities has the same root as modern technology: the inspiration of Ahriman. It is not a surprise therefore that the middle part, the rhythmic system (heart and lungs) is the one vulnerable to the current epidemic. This middle part of man is under most attack in the last decades, and it is clear to anyone observing this, that the depth of feeling most people have is not as profound as it used to be.

Of course, the digitalised world has a strong contribution to the current lack of emotion and insight, deriving from the materialistic world view. One hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner was saying that cinematography and the typewriter are the inventions with the most ahrimanic influence on the human soul. Today, they are united in a single device: the smartphone, constantly connected to “social media” through microwave radiation. In one lecture, Steiner added that there is no better way to educate towards materialism than cinematography, because it lacks any kind of truth.[4] And what do we encounter on social media today: thousands of explanations about the best way to “fight the virus”, none of which are involving the actual education into a spiritual world view.

So, how can we, as people dwelling in the Michaelic age, deal with this phenomenon? For once, we have to actively combat all states of panic and materialistic thinking on this issue. We must not let ourselves be deceived by the fear-inspired measures, based on seeing other people as potential risks of infection, but be courageous and remember the words of Christ “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”. The only way that we can work against the ahrimanic deception is to develop a need of community, a culture of being together – if it is not possible at a physical level, then we must rise to the etheric.

Since the events of September 11th, 2001, have brought nothing but panic in the world, it is only natural that the period of the first lunar node would reflect them. And because viruses have something to do with human fear, one thing only derives from the other. But the current pandemic might just be the cure for the increasingly emotionless world we live in. The disease can produce in some people an inflammation of the lungs, but with the time a more open relation to the outside world may be developed, by healing from it. The air that we breathe is the most social element – at every moment we inhale the air that another has exhaled. So an epidemic of this sort may bring about a new consciousness in the social realm – maybe even the possibility for the Threefold Social Order.

[1] GA 193, Zürich, October 27, 1919.
[2] GA 178, November 25, 1917.
[3] GA 154, Basel, May 5, 1914.
[4] GA 175, Berlin, February 27, 1917.

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