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The Retezat Mountains – three-day Excursion at the ”Soul of Europe” conference 2015

Published on 17 September 2015

Dirk Kruse


The Retezat in the South-West Capathians is physically a glacier area, but the glaciers have melted and we find yet mostly lakes near the tops, in the forest-less areas. The Retezat has about 100 lakes! The biggest glacier lake of Romania is the centrally located Lake Bucura.

The Retezat Mountains


The Retezat as a spiritual impression

If we look on Romania’s areas with meditative schooled eyes we can be impressed: the Romanian Carpathians show an impressive spiritual diversity – mostly always connected with a brotherly, soft and empathic basic mood.

The Retezat now is very specific, as we can have in the whole Retezat area an extraordinary impression of a crystal-clear and heavenly harmonious nature spirituality, which can – if we open deeply enough – transform hearts and destinies. Even from the hills near Simeria, North of the Retezat, you can grasp that the sky over the Retezat seems more open than elsewhere. The “more open – high spiritual character” is a phenomenon, which we find in general over glaciers. Normal mountains have a powerful determined and directed impression – in comparison to flatland-nature. Over glaciers it’s different: a purity and holy receiving mood may be found opened to the above. If we compare now glacier-areas in the Alps, such as the Dachstein (1) or the Großglockner, about which Rudolf Steiner mentioned that there is an Archai-Meeting over it. A meeting of Time-spirits (Archai) over glacier areas, which lead our time into following godly and evolutionary aims. Interesting, that Arsenie Boca (Romanian Orthodox mystic of the 20th century) spent some weeks every summer near Lake Bucura. It seems clear that this had also a spiritual reason.

If we look over the mountains of the whole South-East Europe, West from the Black Sea: Looking in the way Rudolf Steiner adviced, by reading the physiognomy, we find the formation of the Retezat in Romania and the Rila Mountains in Bulgaria as concentrated core-areas. Both have been glacier-areas – now left with only lakes. And again special – from a spiritual point of view: the Retezat is connected with the most interesting spiritual figure in Romania in the 20th century, the Rila Mountains are connected with the most interesting spiritual figure of Bulgaria, Peter Deunov.

The Soul of Europe-Excursion to the Retezat 2015

From Monday 24 to Wednesday 26 August 2015 – after the main part of the Soul of Europe conference we had an excursion to the Retezat with 35 people from Romania, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Italy, Canada and England. We took time to enjoy and perceive places, outlooks, plants and waterfalls. Dirk Kruse and Cosmin Borcea lead observations and showed special trees, plants and animals. Some started very early on Tuesday in order to to reach mountaintops – an overwhelming experience, seeable in the photos.

By perceiving the formations and stones and reflecting on the geology of the Retezat, the participant Volker Mastalier from Austria described: The togetherness of light-radiating granite and moon-alike basalt is special. The Retezat is a practicing field for awakening from a mirroring consciousness to an inner-light-consciousness!

Special plants we observed like the harmonious built form of Gentian (germ: Enzian, bot.: Gentiana), the Aconite (germ: Eisenhut, bot.: Aconitum) – both also used in the anthroposophical medicine – and the Arolla Pine (germ: Zirbelkiefer, bot.: Pinus cembra).


Arolla Pine


It was touching how you can find the astral intensity of Aconite, with flowers that feel like little animals. It’s used for the cure of sudden high fever, especially of children. Or how you can see the harmonious configured leaves and clear blue flowers of the Gentian, which is used to harmonize the digestion.

At fine waterfalls, we often found the imaginative impression-phenomenon of harmonious forces, fine flowing, lightful, like a huge listening. It brought us quick into a listening-room and the inspirative impressions in the soul-world were: a very fine expansion of bliss, a nobility of innocence and healing streams, a fine female character with healing wisdom – ageless young. In a short intuitive oneness-impression we entered a spiritual world beyond forces and feelings: something like a wise room of a lightful eternal healing wisdom, wide, high and sacred – a pure knowledge of healing can be reached here it seemed.

Another breath-taking experience was the viewing of the valley of Pietrele to the North, an awakening in peace, an inhaling of freedom, a receiving, a grace-giving and blessing in free dignity, which made seeable eternal values and inspirations of how to live in them in this biography. On Lake Bucura a similar impression from some participants, who could reach there, where the lake was: In a soberness huge light forces from above seemed to work on us and all on Earth, a very high presence measuring what is worth to be received into a higher realm – enlightening and timeless.

Soul of Europe Participants at Lake Bucura – August 2015


One task in this excursion was also to rethink the Soul of Europe conference. Many described something, like they discovered here that the heart of Europe has its two needed sides in order to breath and be strong: the forming clearing West-European side, with its gifts from the past, and the empathic heart-warm East-European side with its special germs for the future. One said: Romania gives us soul-wings, another: And it teaches a sense for heart-thinking.

Back from Retezat we can remind the strength-giving light and forces – in order to bring more heart and more clearing into the Soul of Europe!

Peace and nourishment in the Retezat Mountains


(1) At the Dachstein glacier, in the Austrian alps – Dana Stancea, Lidia Popescu, Mioara Gheorghiu, Vicențiu Berneamu, Mihai Mihăescu und Dirk Kruse – gave in Summer 2009 an observation-seminar – at the house of Mrs. Halla, the daughter of Proffessor Halla, who gave Ștefan Armenchi, one of the first Romanian anthroposophists, a Rudolf Steiner book. Volker Mastalier, who wrote now – after his visit to the Soul of Europe conference 2015 – a very fine observation article in German, met at that Dachstein seminar for the first time with Romanian anthroposophists.

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