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A short report from the first Summer School of Iona

Published on 29 September 2016

Dirk Kruse


The Summer School of Iona and the misteries travel afterwards – from 9th to 23rd July 2016 – brought much more deep experiences and oberservations than awaited. We have to thank a lot the huge efforts of Renatus Derbidge and the touching presence of Jonathan and Ann from our place Leob Croft on Mull!

Always covered in intense nature – and group experiences, we experienced the following impressions.

Greeting the morning at Leob Croft on Mull

Scotland in general is already feelable by seeing it out of the plane from above. All is more penetrated by clear ether forces, with clear and strong big space building in the elementary world.

IONA – on this old granit island of Columba, we stood like in an all surrounding Christ mildness, with more female caring soul mood, with the right portion of a male attitude. It was coming up to everyone from all directions with a soft wind of all ethers harmonised. The whole presence was full of angel alike soul forces and an all knowing and all seeing, and a huge universe spirit of healing goodness. All is still active and open for the future.

ISLE OF MULL in front of Iona seemed a lot imprinted from the uncomparable soul of Iona.

Perceiving work on Iona

STAFFA – on the new basalt formations, exact formed but as coming from zodiac forces into crystaline forms, we were astonished, how cathedral alike are the proportions of Finegals Cave of initiations in the celtic times and how Marianic – and Christ in spirit and force is welcoming you in the impressive culmination of all strengthened four ethers.

Looking into the Finegals Cave on Staffa

ISLE OF SKYE – which 18 participants visited after the seminar programme – seemed intensely imprinted with a definite grim looking through spirit, like from a huge, still active, druidmaster.

THE MAN OF STOOR stones on North of Skye seemed to be like imprinted with a druidic being which seemed to middle mightiness from above onto the Earth. We left to the far North-West with a strong impression, as if somebody looked deeply into the bottom of our soul!

On Skye

ISLE OF LEWIS, the North island of the Outter Hebrides – here we had the impression that the whole landscape is staying like a fairytale in the air with light weight. Elementary being easyness seemed the same strong over and under the earth. The fairy hills seemed filled with airy round nice beings.

The CALLANISH STONE CIRCLES there were amazing impressive, because most of the stones were like beings. Not elementary beings, not angels, but man-alike beings which, even if the stones may stay there since the megalitic times, are still actively collecting the actual cosmos in the morning and work with it in exchanging and outspreading in the evening. The different circles nearby seemed to have different tasks. The fourth seemded very united with Natura/Persephona and the elementary being.

The Callanish Stone Circle I on Lewis, Outter Hebrides

CLAVA CAIRNS near Inverness in NORTH-SCOTLAND – these special stone formations, which often are interpreted as stone hill graves, gave impressions of magical celebration places, where in one cairn moon celebrations, in another sun celebrations and in the most impressive one Christmas celebrations have been done. It seemed as if the cosmic surrounding has been seen here in deeper receivings by initiated men.

Clava Cairn III

To research here more – the same at the extraordinary Callanish Circles – can sure give deep insights into the spirituality of the Western misteries.

The trip ended with interesting impressions in Findhorn, not far from the Clava Cairns. Here were findable new of community life in public and phenomena like that of the old garden, where special elementary beings seem to be brought in through the first generation of the Findhorn Community.

A main result of all our experiences was the sure feeling that it is worth to come back and go on researching about future seeds in the still present of the old Western misteries spirit up in the northwest of Europe.

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