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Supporting the dear Soul of our Gheorghe (Geo) Aur

Published on 17 September 2017

Dirk Kruse


On Friday the 15th of September 2017 our Year-circle friend Gheorghe Aur (“Geo”), 41 years old, has gone into our surrounding of the spiritual world. We wish that them who feel so may dedicate some thoughts in their own ways of doing to his soul now – maybe every morning and evening.

Geo was a good friend of many young Romanian Anthroposophists. His lifestyle and soul expression was following the two most important words of his live: Smerenie and Iubire – Devotion and Love.

It was touching how Gheorghe Aur always was full of support for the good striving of others and how he in fine way looked out for to support activities that seemed to be important for the michaelic time spirit of today. In Romania he also was mostly at events with Dirk Kruse. The photo above is from the St. John’s meeting in the House on the Hill Project in Craiova 2013. He took part on the three conferences “From Meditation to Spiritual Research” in Simeria 2010, 2012 and 2014 – among others with Dorian and Antje Schmidt, Manfred Schleyer. Thomas Mayer und Agnes Hardorp and always Marius Gabor and Dirk Kruse. He impressed with his intense, soft and devotive view on all.

In Germany then he worked dedicated at the ether-research project of Wolfgang Findeisen (see the Company “ReLux”), before he started the priest seminar of the Christian Community in Stuttgart. Wolfgang Findeisen was with Geo via phone a lot also in his last period when he had to face his cancer illness.

Geo studied and schooled anthroposophical ways of speech and acting. In Germany he was very serious, devotive and dedicated on his way to become a priest of the Christian Community.

I met him the last time on the Colloquium about Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition in the Rudolf Steiner House in Stuttgart in late 2015. He was very devotive and silent but also intensely following and responding.

In 2016 he recognized that he had cancer.

In the last time he wrote the first article in Germany about Arsenie Boca, the impressive holy monk of Romania, who lived until 1989 and had steady contact with anthroposophists. It was a theme we often talked about and agreed that it should be known in Germany too.

Short before his death he got the last oiling. Now he is with the good striving of us from the surrounding – may we be with him, too.

Geo – have a good way now!

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