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Präparate, Eurythmie und Meditationen weltweit Mi. 22. Januar nun! Preparations, Eurythmy and Meditation worldwide on 22. January now!

Published on 20 January 2020


Dear all,
Tomoko was a landworker in Botton some years ago  who is farming Biodynamically in Japan.
From: Tomoko Kurokawa <>
Date: 19 January 2020 at 14:20:44 GMT
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: An urgent favor from Tomoko in Japan. "Spray and Pray for the Earth!" on Jan.22nd

Dear friends,
I am sorry for the mass mailing. I hope you are doing well.
I have an urgent favor to ask you. I organized an event called "Spray and Pray for the Earth!" scheduled this coming Wed. Jan.22nd. This is a day when all the BD farmers around the world stir and spray the prep. 500 with eurythmists and anyone who cares about the Earth.  I am very sorry for this short notice, but would you join us? Would you forward the news to anyone who might be interested in it? I would be truly grateful for your warm support (I failed to have the letters proofread. If you see any changes necessary, please let me know).

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For Anthoroposophists (I have pasted the same letter bellow),
For Farmers
For Eurythmists


 Have a marvelous day!
Tomoko Kurokawa

Dear Anthroposophists around the World;


My name is Tomoko Kurokawa. I am a biodynamic farmer in Japan. I started my own vegetable farm growing exclusively open-pollinated varieties in 2013.


I would like to propose a world action day “Spray and Pray for the Earth!” All the biodynamic farmers around the world stir and spray the cowhorn manure preparation (preparation ‘500’) on January 22nd from 14:46. During this one hour, eurythmists will join us with the eurythmy movement “Halleluiah” and you will help us by praying for the Earth. Your prayer will strengthen the preparation.


With many experiences of stirring and spraying the preparation ‘500’, the preparation has shown me its power to harmonize the space. Year after year, plants reflected the positive changes of the earth by the preparation. With a very special stirring experience with eurythmy over a year ago (see the details at the end of the letter), I began to think how powerful it would be if we continue stirring with praying for 24hours. Truly powerful energy must be emitted from the Earth. I could not resist, but propose the idea “Spray and Pray for the Earth”. Let’s try! Let’s act together to save the Earth!


When do we stir & spray the preparation ‘500’ and pray?
Starting stirring at14:46 in each county on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020. The stirring will last one hour. You can pray as long as you feel in this hour.


What do we do before and after the event?
There is no pre-registration needed.
Probably with a single trial, changes are very subtle and not enough for a noticeable influence. But with continuous efforts, we can believe that a positive influence will appear which may reflect on even scientific data such as seismology or atmospheric science. Before, during, and after the event (one day, three days, one week, and one month after), please try to observe yourself, your crops and animals, your family, and your pets.


Let’s see what we can make it happen!      


== WANTED ==
For the future event, looking for a web designer who would generously create a website and/or a flyer as a gift. If you know anyone, please contact me ( As long as we can communicate in English or Japanese, a time difference is not an issue. I have a very clear outline of the website but no computer skills. 


As an anthloposophist, I know that this is not an ideal way to promote the project. If you are spiritually gifted and see a clear picture of the negative effect of internet use, a more suitable alternative, or advice to improve this project for the future, please contact me. Thank you.  


Sincerely yours,


Organizer of “Spray and Pray for the Earth!”,
Tomoko Kurokawa


“The very special stirring experience” that has become a seed of this project mentioned in the letter above.
The story goes back to over a year ago.
On December 26th and 27th in 2018, I stirred and sprayed the preparation ‘500’ for two days. I had stirred the preparations over 150 times in my life. However, these two days were different from the previous ones. During the stirring hour, I was accompanied by two eurythmists who traveled from afar. Stirring began with three “Halleluiah” movements by the eurythmists. And it was repeated every ten minutes throughout the hour (The eurythmist taught me that the first gesture Steiner demonstrated was “Halleluiah” for the Earth).


How was the stirring? Marvelous!
I truly enjoyed the pleasant sensations that I had not experienced before. Even the mixture in the pot behaved differently.


This is not the end of the story. On the last day of the holy nights, I stirred the preparation by myself at the usual place. It was how I had always experienced. Ten days later, again the same stirring. Then on the following day on January 17th, 2019, I thought of moving the pot to the place where the “Halleluiah” stirrings were done. Surprisingly, I found that the energy from the special stirrings still filled the space even after three weeks.  


In the 2019 season, I could not take care of the farm as much as before due to my health condition: one of the fields was nearly abandoned. However, regardless of the least amount of work on the fields, my crops thrived most since the farm opening in 2013. I thought of this unexpected fortune as a result of the seven-years-of-biodynamic farming, the vitality of the own seeds, or/and favorable weather of the season. But as time progressed, it had become clear that the effect of the ‘500’ with the eurythmy was the answer to the magical season.



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